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Re: Do over

Posted by ESC on August 25, 2003

In Reply to: Re: Slide posted by R. Berg on August 25, 2003

: : : : What's the meaning of "Slide" in this lyrics (Rock Band: goo goo dolls):
: : : : "I wanna wake up where you are
: : : : I won't say anything at all
: : : : So why don't you slide
: : : : Yeah I'm gonna let it slide"

: : : : I think it sounds like "Relax",i'm not sure! isn't?
: : : : Thanks in advance!

: : : From Merriam-Webster online -- slide, meaning No. 4:
: : 4 a : to move or pass smoothly or easily b : to pass unnoticed or unremarked

: "Let it slide" uses Meaning 4b in that dictionary entry. To let something slide is to stop calling attention to it. "Joe hasn't paid back that ten dollars he borrowed a month ago, but I know he's been ill, so I'll let it slide."

I just realized something. When I pasted in the definition, the phrases between greater/lesser signs disappeared. It's an html thing I suppose. The whole definition is:

4 a : to move or pass smoothly or easily -- slid into the prepared speech b : to pass unnoticed or unremarked -- could have responded but let it slide