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Re: Conscience

Posted by ESC on August 23, 2003

In Reply to: Conscience posted by Henry on August 23, 2003

: : : What is the source of the phrase:

: : : "Let your conscience be your guide?"

: : : Is it from Disney's Pinocchio story?

: : : Ed

: : Don't know the source, but Disney didn't write Pinocchio. He adapted Carlo Collodi's story, written in the 19th century.

: THE SECOND CALIPH (634 - 644 C.E.)

: After receiving the surrender of Jerusalem and completing the tour of Syria when Caliph Umar was returning to Madina he led the prayer at Jabiah. On this occasion he delivered an address which is preserved in history. Part of his address was:

: And speak the truth. Do not hesitate to say what you consider to be the truth. Say what you feel. Let your conscience be your guide.

: From

I've checked Barlett's and another quote book with no luck so far.