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"Pop Art"?

Posted by Peggy.phelan on December 30, 1999

In Reply to: "Pop Art"? posted by peggy.phelan on December 30, 1999

: : : : THIS should be interesting... Who coined the phrase "Pop Art"? and WHY?

: : : I wish whoever coined it, hadn't.

: : I couldn't find a definitive answer. But I'm betting it was some media type and that "pop" refers to popular culture. From "An Usborne Introduction: Understanding Modern Art": "Pop art. Late 1950s-60s. Mainly US and GB. Leading members: Blake, Hamilton, Hockney, Lichtenstein, Oldenburg, Rosenquist, Warhol. The apparent celebration of western consumerism after the austerity and rationing of the war years. The artists' work evokes the brash, colourful world of advertising, comic strips and popular entertainment."
****** peggy adding this: actually it was first coined by the english art critic (and sometimes artist) lawrence alloway.