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Re: The possessive of US?

Posted by R. Berg on March 20, 2003

In Reply to: Re: The possessive of US? posted by TheFallen on March 20, 2003

: : So, Bob, should "U.S.'s" really be "U.S.s'"? I think so. It would then transfer to "United States'" if it were spelled out.
: : Your comment is keeping me on my perfectionist's toes.
: : Monica

: What a good question! Example - "What do you think of the United States' foreign policy?" Monica rightly points out that when written in full, it should be United States', but I have no clue what it should strictly be when the abbreviation is used, either with or without periods. I suspect that most authors would avoid the thorny issue entirely and just go with "US foreign policy".

It can't be U.S.s', because that would be the plural possessive and there's only one U.S.

Gotta be U.S.'s. "The U.S.'s foreign policy."