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Re: "Save the Baby"

Posted by 3saintjoan7 on February 05, 2003

In Reply to: Re: "Save the Baby" posted by ESC on February 04, 2003

: : : Just what is that stuff the charming Mrs. Squeers is giving to the hapless boys in the "Nicholas Nickleby" film?

: : : Many thanks!

: : Treacle is a form of thick sugar syrup. Brimstone is a sulphur ore, from which pure sulphur may be refined. This mixture was thought to 'do you good' in Dicken's days!

: On the subject of stuff that's supposed to "do you good": When I was young in the mountains of West Virginia, my mother used to give us medicine called "Save the Baby." I have no idea what was in it and I seemed to be the only one who remembers that brand. It was for chest cold

Thanks ESC, and I do envy that childhood of yours in the mountains of West Virginia, living as I do in the concrete jungle-