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thinking outside the box

Posted by Robin on September 26, 2002 at

In Reply to: Out of the Box posted by Ned Ramano on December 26, 2000

: Maybe I missed it in the archives, but I could not find an explanation for the phrase "Out of the box"? Was it created by a cruel busness person or is there a better explanation?

: Thanks, Ned

There a fairly new business cliche in the U.S. -- "thinking outside the box," meaning thinking beyond usual ways of doing things. I'm sure someone else will have more details. All I know is the phrase comes up at every business meeting/seminar I've attended in the past couple of years.

"thinking outside the box" also refers to following
a path of logic other than the commonly accepted
one; i.e. a refuted theorum or mathematical given,

"out of the box" has three meanings:

1. A brand new, unused item,
2. a race that has begun,
3. a release from severe confinement.
(box = solitary.)

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