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Found phrase -- leaning forward

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: LEANING FORWARD - " 'Leaning forward' is one of Donald Rumsfeld's favorite expressions. An old cold-war term, familiar to soldiers and spies, it means the willingness to be aggressive, to take risks. 'I want every one of you to know how forward-leaning we are,' the secretary of Defense told a room full of Marine generals and Navy admirals." Newsweek, Sept. 16, 2002.

Lean forward in the saddle v phr Army by 1970s To be eager and anxious; = be RARING TO GO
From Dictionary of American Slang by Robert L. Chapman
"It's the difference between what is often called the 'lean forward' experience of the PC, versus the 'lean back' experience of television."
--Mitchell Kertzmann (interviewee), "The Nightly Business Report," National Public Radio, November 30, 2000

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