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Being hit by a beer truck

Posted by ESC on September 23, 2002

We have a new phrase in Kentucky for being caught in a sexual indiscretion: "being hit by a beer truck."

Posted on Mon, Sep. 23, 2002
Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader

Beer truck has been ruthless in Kentucky
By Jim Jordan

Former Herald-Leader business writer Jamie Butters, who now covers the auto industry for the Detroit Free Press, had lunch in Louisville on Monday with Gov. Paul Patton.

The chit-chat turned to Paul Chellgren, chairman and CEO of Ashland Inc., who's getting canned because he had an affair with an Ashland employee.

Butters told Patton that he once asked Chellgren why Ashland had not named a No. 2 executive to replace Chellgren if something unexpected happened.

Chellgren said he had good genes and worked out a lot. The only real risk, he added, was getting hit by a beer truck when he was out jogging.

"He got hit by a beer truck," Patton said, taking another bite of chicken.

Next day, that beer truck also nailed the governor of Kentucky.

(The married governor had to confess to an affair with a Western Kentucky woman after she went public and filed a sexual harassment suit.)

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